Complete Baby shower guide for expecting parents 


Complete Baby Shower Guide for Expecting Parents

Baby showers are perhaps the most exciting part of pregnancy other than being a mother to your little one.  A baby shower is celebrated to welcome your little one who is on the way.

It is a time when friends and family come together to shower gifts, love, and blessings on the baby and the parents. 

Plus it is a very great stress buster for all the new parents. You can stop worrying about buying everything for your baby. You’ll probably receive a lot of the essential stuff in the baby shower from your friends and relatives 

Read our complete baby shower guide for expecting parents. It will help you create an unforgettable day in your pregnancy journey!


Who hosts a baby shower?

Host of Baby Shower


Baby shower etiquettes say that it should be organized by your closed ones. It could be a friend, a sister, a brother, or the parents of expecting parents.


Who should be invited to the part?


People to be invited

The list of people can be as long as an Eiffel Tower. There is no hard and fast rule to this. You can invite as many people or as few as you want. You can invite your friends, cousins, grandparents, parents, uncle, aunty, coworkers, house help, and anyone that you remember.

The purpose of the party is to enjoy. Invite people you’re comfortable around and can have fun with. Just make sure that you follow all the Covid-19 safety guidelines if you’re having an in-person party.


When should you have it?

When you should do?


There is no hard and fast rule to this as well. Most baby showers are thrown 4-6 weeks prior to the arrival of the baby. The reason for having a late function is that by this time your pregnancy gets very stable. This reduces the chances of miscarriage or any other complications.


A-Z of Baby Showers

A to Z of Baby Shower you must know


The first thing to decide very early on in the planning is to choose whether you will have an all-girls party or a mixed one with all your friends and family.

Today more and more moms prefer a baby shower that feels more like a girl’s night out. But regardless of the kind of party you want, here are a few things that are common for any baby party!


  • Location-

Pinning down a location is most important. Throughout the year party places stay booked for some of the other functions. So it’s important that you book your place in advance.

Keep in mind a few factors like the number of guests you will invite, and whether you want to have it outdoors or indoors. Whether it is a day function or a night function and how the catering services of the venue are

If you’re planning on having an all-girls function you can book a salon and have a relaxing mani-pedi session with your girlfriends.


  •  Theme and Decor


The next thing on your list. If you know the gender of your baby then the job gets easier for you.

However, if you’re unaware of the gender, going for neutral pastel shades like pistachio green, white, lavender, or yellow could be a great option. 

For the decoration part, you can pick your favorites to add on. It could be a bohemian-themed function with lots of pastel flowers, scented candles, fairy lights (if it is a night function), pampas grass, and soft cozy rugs. 

You can opt for more classic decor of the balloon arch and combine it with some flowers and other aesthetics. This backdrop is great for clicking amazing pictures


  • Food menu

The next step is to decide on your baby shower. A party is incomplete without lip-smacking food. Anything and everything that is fun and tasty can be kept on that buffet table.

You can have a host of things ranging from dessert-like cupcakes, pastries, donuts, cream rolls, etc to savory items like pizzas, pasta, burger, fries, tacos, etc.

You can also arrange for a proper traditional lunch or dinner if you so wish to.

The most important element of the entire food menu is to have a cake as all celebrations are incomplete without a cake-cutting ceremony.

Make sure to have lots of amazing and refreshing coolers if you are having your function during summer. Add some hot beverages for your winter party. If you have kids coming to your function make sure that you have interesting and colorful items on the table to lure them.


After all, this learning will better prepare you for your little one!

The next step is to pen down your guest list. This will help you invite everyone systematically without leaving anyone out.

The guest list should depend on the budget of your baby shower host and also the space available at the venue.

Sit down with the host of your party and decide on a date. Choose whether you will be sending an online invite or an offline one. If you opt for the second option then decide on a layout for your cards and send them for printing ASAP.

Make sure the card matches your theme and has all the relevant details like the date, day, and time of the function and your baby details.

Send the invites 4-6 weeks prior to the date of the party and ask for RSVPs to avoid last-minute chaos and confusion.


Games and more

Games to play during Baby Shower


To add some life to your party and make it more fun, plan on some creative and fun games. Here’s a list of some fun-filled games to add to your list of party games.


  • Bingo.

     A fun and classic game to keep all your guests engaged 


  • Baby Photo identifies the game.

    You can ask all your guests to get their baby photos with them. Put all of them in a bowl anonymously. Pick out photos one by one and try to guess who’s it is


  • Tambola.

    It is another super fun game meant for people of all age groups


  • Passing the parcel.

    A game that will keep all your guests on the edge and give an adrenaline rush!


  • Connect the tail.

    One of the favorite games of a kid’s birthday party. This game is equally fun for adults and is very easy to play.


  • Dumb charades

    This game can never get old. You can add a twist of your own by guessing different baby rhymes and lullabies instead of movies.


  • Dancing and singing session.

    Though not a game, this activity will lighten up everyone’s mood. Your baby might also groove inside your belly on the beats of that upbeat dance song!


Now that you’re all set for your part and have all the essentials in place it’s time to write a thank you note for all your guests.

You can either give a thank you speech in front of all your guests or hand them an individual thank you card. You don’t need to think too much about this. Just show your gratitude and thank them for all their love and blessing.


You should also buy a small token of a gift for all your guests. It doesn’t have to be anything lavish or grand. It’s just a gesture so keep it simple!




Baby showers can be really overwhelming and at the same time tiring. But it is one of the best experiences that you’ll have so make sure you enjoy it the most.

At the end of the day, the important thing is for everyone, especially the expecting parents to have a gala time. Your baby will also be enjoying this party with you.

Congratulations on the arrival of your little one! Have a blast and save this post for future reading!


Wishing you a happy, healthy, and fun-filled pregnancy!

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