7 Best exercises during pregnancy


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Experts agree, that when you are expecting, it is important to keep moving. Exercise during pregnancy can help you to stay in shape and active throughout the day. Being fit doesn’t have to mean a big-time commitment or fancy equipment. The following 7 best exercises during pregnancy are simple and easy to do.


List Of 7 Best Exercises During Pregnancy


7 Best Exercises During Pregnancy



It is the simplest exercise you can do on a daily basis. A 30-minute walk can strengthen your muscles, elevate your mood, and can improve your stamina. It improves blood circulation and boosts heart health. Further, sweating will flush out extra toxins from your body.

Walking daily for 30 mins will also balance your weight during pregnancy. Make sure to enjoy this session by listening to music or going out with your partner!





Do you want something exciting in your day? Switch to swimming! 

Swimming can help you relax your muscles and boost your mood. It reduces swelling in your hands, ankles, and feet.

Other health benefits include weight balance, good sleep, and relief of pain. It is safe during all three trimesters but you should take advice from your health provider as well.

Many of you might worry about chlorine but there is no study to prove its harmful effects.

There are a few things one should keep in mind before swimming:

  • The temperature should be moderate.
  • You should not exert yourself
  • Do everything under proper guidance

All in all, swimming is a great low-impact exercise for expecting mothers. 



Yoga can help you stay fit and also improve your mental and emotional health.

According to research, prenatal yoga is very beneficial. It can reduce nausea, frequent headache, and anxiety and can balance your emotions.

It is one of the most recommended exercises and has a remarkable effect on other health conditions like hypertension during pregnancy which is a very common problem during pregnancy.

It also helps to maintain the right weight, improve flexibility, and avoid stiffness. If you are new at it, consider getting professional guidance and join a yoga class now!



This new-age exercise improves your overall physical health like flexibility, muscle strength, etc. It was originally designed to improve your posture and movement but nowadays it is widely used for pregnant women as this helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and back muscles.

Take advice from your health provider that modifies your daily Pilates according to your tolerance level. Pilates helps with postpartum fatigue as well and offers relaxation. Join some group sessions and it will be super fun to stretch together!

Stationary Cycling or Spinning 


Indoor cycling is another exercise that is safe during pregnancy. 

There are a few things you should keep in mind before stationary cycling :

-keep your water levels up 

-don’t over-exert yourself 

-keep yourself cool as rising body temperature will affect your circulation. 

You need proper guidance from the experts as every trimester some modifications are to be done in your fitness regime.

If you like cycling this is the best available option because outdoors have many constraints. You should be particular during your third trimester and consult a health provider.

Exercise in Water


Don’t worry if you cannot swim but still love the splash of water!

Water has proven to be relaxing and a very good mood elevator during pregnancy. Water helps to perform activities that one cannot perform on land. It provides resistance to muscles that can strengthen the muscles.

  • Walk-in water 
  • Water arm lifts 
  • Lateral arm lifts 
  • Underwater bicycle 
  • Sidestepping 

These are a few exercises that help you relax and increase your flexibility. All of this is advised to be done under proper guidance. Special plans can be designed according to your needs.



This exercise is for women who love jogging. It is only recommended for those who have a healthy pregnancy as it involves the risk of miscarriage, induced labor, and other complications.

But this is not all true as regulated jogging can help. So if you get your regular checkups, and your medical practitioner gives you a green signal, you can introduce slow jogging into your fitness regime.

There are, however, some rules you must stick to for making the exercise safe for you and your baby. Jogging should be done only on flat surfaces. Make sure it is not intense and the pace is slow.

If you feel tired during jogging, do not continue; sit immediately and relax for a while. Do not rush and start by jogging for 5 minutes daily and gradually increase your time.

Tips for Exercising

Trainer training a pregnant lady, tips for exercise

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Good shoes with a strong grip are very important if you are going for a walk or jog.
  • Always keep a sipper bottle handy to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Keep some healthy snacks to have after exercising. You are going to be very hungry by the end of your routine.
  • Rest between consecutive sets. Remember that it is okay if it takes you over an hour for a 30-minute regime.

Precaution to Take

Precaution during Pregnancy

  • Avoid sports/ exercises that have a risk of falling like basketball or horse riding.


  • Avoid exercise if you have bleeding or spotting, chest pain, breathlessness, regular painful contractions, dizziness, headache, or no movements during pregnancy.


  • Consult your gynecologist if you experience any of the above conditions.


  • Do not exercise too much and know your limits.


These 7 best exercises during your pregnancy should make it easy for you to set a safe exercise regime for you and your baby.

But, always remember to check with your gynecologist before doing any of these exercises.   

Do not take the exercises as a task and remember the sole purpose is to enjoy and relax. This time choose a fitter and better pregnancy for you and your baby!

The fitter you, the better you!

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