Effects of Stress on Pregnancy


Effects of stress on Pregnancy

Stress and anxiety, today, are major problems in the 21st century. There is no age group in society that is left behind. Here’s the list of Effects of Stress on Pregnancy.

1 out of every four people suffers from stress. The only difference is that some might come out of it and some need help. 

Stress during pregnancy can be a cause of concern as it has a negative effect on the mother as well as the baby! Special care and procedure are required to deal with. 

Stress and Anxiety during pregnancy

Stress and Anxiety during Pregnancy

Your body is undergoing a lot of changes and yes hormones are to be blamed for this. Mood swings, fear, and anxiety are very common things during pregnancy. 

Women tend to feel the difference in their food habits and choices. This all leads to a lot of change in their overall behavior. Some psychological changes are normal and natural to pregnancy but too much of this is harmful. It could be due to various reasons 

-discomforts during pregnancy like morning sickness 

-your hormonal changes, which can cause your mood to change. 

-tension about motherhood, nutrition, and financial burden 

-excessive work and baby care 

-fear of childbirth

According to a survey 20% of women suffer from anxiety and mood swings which lead to further health issues like hypertension etc.

There are a lot of cases where stress leads to clinical depression. This clinical condition causes feelings of sadness and loss of interest in things you like to do. It interferes with your daily life and decisions. Many women fail to diagnose and it leads to adverse effects. Overthinking your fear can lead to this and affect your mental peace. 

Remember depression or anxiety is a mental condition and it needs proper care.

Adverse Effects of Stress on Pregnancy

Adverse Effects of Stress on Pregnancy

It’s a little tricky to understand and study the effects of pregnancy. A healthier pregnancy means a healthier baby! Health is not eating but feeling good. It’s like taking a balanced diet that includes everything. Stress can lead to problems like miscarriage, stillbirth, uterus infections, etc. Stress can cause infections as it directly affects the immune system.

-Stress has an effect on all the trimesters during the pregnancy 

-during the first trimester morning sickness is the major problem that all pregnant women undergo. Stress can worsen this and leads to other serious health problems. The sleep cycle gets disturbed leading to further problems like body aches and fatigue all around the day 

-Stress can affect your eating habits. Either it can reduce the food intake or increase it. During pregnancy, there is a slim margin concerning nutrition, exercise, etc. Any effect on either of them will lead to other health problems like anemia, weight gain, or weight loss.

-The second trimester may be considered the honeymoon period but stress can burden you with health problems like a miscarriage. 

-Stress can increase the risk of preeclampsia, premature birth, and gestational diabetes.

-Stress can affect your baby’s overall growth and development.

-It is proven that stress can lead to low IQ if the mother is under a lot of stress.

Post-traumatic stress disorder 

Post-traumatic stress disorder

According to a survey, 9 percent of women suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

-It is a disorder that develops after the delivery or birth of a baby. 

-There could be many reasons for this like c-section, poor communication, lack of support, and powerlessness.

-Any harm to the baby can become a cause depression 

-nutrition and proper care are very important during this time. 

Signs and symptoms 


-lack of sleep


Anxiety and panic attacks 

Sense insecurity 

Lack of lactation 

Take care!

This section is for partners, friends, and family. 

Post-traumatic disorder is a serious matter and can be handled by her loved ones.

Ensure that she is eating right and sleeping tight. Engage her in different activities. Take care of the baby. She might be at her emotional low, be around her.

Dealing with the Stress 

Dealing with the Stress

Yes, it is very important to deal with stress otherwise it can leave you with long-lasting consequences.

Here are some tips to do so : 

-Stop overthinking! You have entered the most beautiful period of your life. Be joyful!

If something is troubling you reach out to your loved ones and seek help. Your health provider can guide you better!

-Figure out what is troubling you and talk to your partner about Ta.

-Everything in life is temporary and so is your pain. Tell your health provider about your discomfort and follow a healthy routine.

-Follow the general rule :

Sleep tight 

Eat right 

Stay active 

This is an old-age technique for a better and healthier life. It will help you during your pregnancy as well.

-Yoga is a mind-body practice. It is a “union” of body and mind. It is believed that breathing exercises can calm your senses and can make you think better. It also makes sure that you make the right decisions. It helps you sleep better and brings peace. Prenatal yoga helps you relieve stress.

-Relax and breathe! If you are working, take some time off. This will help release some stress and calm down.

-Built a good support network that might include your friends, family, and partner. You can go for some clinical help as well. 

-Believe in yourself, you can pull it off!


Stress and its effect on pregnancy is an important issue to address as it is becoming more common and severe.

In this article, adverse effects of stress were mentioned. Stress is an aggravating factor for morning sickness. Increase the risk of other complications of pregnancy like hypertension, gestational diabetes, etc. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a disorder after the birth of a child.

Along with giving birth to a baby, there’s a lot of fear associated. Even though the end result is worth every pain but the stress can really affect the child. Check out our article on fear of pregnancy and childbirth.

Deal with the stress is another section that tells you about how to reduce stress levels by opting for simple methods. 

Pregnancy is a hard path in life but once you deal with it, the journey ahead is beautiful.

Pregamate is a one-stop platform that helps you and your baby to overcome problems that you face!

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