Fear of pregnancy and childbirth


Fear of pregnancy and childbirth

Whether it’s your first time or you’re second there is more or less a certain fear of pregnancy and childbirth. Motherhood is the most beautiful feeling on this earth! Stepping up and taking the challenge is the only way to experience this beauty! Yes, this journey will indeed be hard on you but all of this is worth it when you experience motherhood.

Since you are here, one thing is sure, somewhere deep down you want to be a mother! Take a short at all the possible “fear” and the way outs for the same. 

The right age for pregnancy 

According to experts the right age to get pregnant is in your early twenties! Yes, this is quite shocking for all of us as this is the time to plan your career and profession. 

Today’s generation is more career-oriented, they get married at 30 and plan pregnancy in their early thirties and that’s where the problem arises! Can you reverse this, No! 

Say thanks to medical science, today they deal with many problems like this and can make your pregnancy a success! The only thing you have to do is get yourself the right guidance and gear up!

Pep talks: You need it

Ask as much as you can! 

You have to be sure before you enter this phase of the 9-month-long period! Your curiosity is genuine and your fears obvious.

Complications and other health issues might worry you but you can regulate your pregnancy well with a team of experts. They can give great advice on your nutrition, physical health, and other complications

Let’s dive into common complications during pregnancy-

Common complication during Pregnancy


This is also called Pre-eclampsia. It simply means high blood pressure during pregnancy. You need medical assistance and proper health checkups to control this situation.


This condition is hard to diagnose during pregnancy and can lead to miscarriages, stillbirths, and preterm babies. Since thyroid hormones are already elevated during pregnancy, one has to be particular about it.


Can I have a normal delivery even if I have PCOS? 

Most women have this question as this condition is very common nowadays. According to the severity of the condition, your gynecologist can provide you with a solution. 

Fear of stillbirth 

Many underlying medical conditions can lead to this. Sometimes this is unpredictable but the right knowledge and follow-ups with your health provider can be an effective way of dealing with it.


Lactation counseling is very important these days as this has no alternative for the baby’s health. A lot of stress and anxiety can affect the process of lactation.

Body changes

Many women today fear skin, weight, and overall health. Better nutrition and yoga can help you. You must have seen many celebs undergoing a lot of transformation after pregnancy, that might be unrealistic sometimes but a healthier way can opt

Psychological changes and Postpartum depression

Yes, we understand it’s a lot to take sometimes but a proper support system can help you overcome this problem.


Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters and each trimester has its complications. Proper guidance is very important to overcome fears of pregnancy. Believe in yourself as your body might be apt to carry the baby. It’s just that you have to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. 

Again comes the solution for this is to get yourself the right team to give you and your partner pep talks before pregnancy.


Most women are worried about labor pain, birth-related problems and procedures, and healthcare. The reasons might be lack of knowledge, quality information regarding childbirth and personal characteristics and experience, etc. Many studies have been conducted and it is found that the problems around pregnancy can be solved by providing the right environment to the mother-to-be!


This can start by consulting your gynecologist, nutritionist, yoga teacher, psychologist, and general health provider. 


Worried about stillbirths? Miscarriage? Labour pain and whether delivery will be normal or I have to go through a caesarian? What do I have to do before going into labor? Preterm baby? Most gynecologists and health experts get these questions. But the fact of the situation is, that 

all these above questions are very obvious and can be handled well. One thing you have to keep in mind is that all this is quite normal these days. Medical science has gone far enough to deal with this. Right guidance at the right time will clear your mind. 


We at Pregamate have tried to create an environment with help of experts which will help you to overcome your doubts and fears. 

But How would you know that you are pregnant? Here’s the list of early signs and symptoms of Pregnancy.

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