About Us

In Pregamate we are driven to deliver the best of everything a mother needs on her journey towards motherhood.

Who Are We?

Pregamate- “your friend in pregnancy” is a one-stop destination for all your pregnancy needs. We are a team of enthusiasts who are passionate about providing the best line of services in antenatal care. Having conducted 500+ sessions, helped 1000+ mothers in their pregnancy journey, and answered 10000+ questions of all the curious mothers out there, this platform is acting as a support provider for all mothers-to-be! 

We at Pregamate ensure that no mother goes through the trouble of searching and hunting for the best healthcare services. We have curated a platform that caters to the custom needs of all the beautiful and unique MOM’S. 

A smooth ride to Motherhood

Pregamate is trying to simplify the journey to motherhood by being a single point of contact for all pregnancy-related needs. Integrative and collaborative maternity /antenatal care is the soul of the team!

We live in a society whose culture is strongly rooted in myths and customs. Awareness about the importance of antenatal care is really low and women often believe that the journey of pregnancy can be easily navigated through hearing stories of mothers and their mothers and stories of generations of other women who delivered babies for which they did not access any care or support. 

But my dear readers, times are changing, and with the changing times, you should change your outlook too. Today, women have progressed a lot both professionally and personally. They venture out into the world; deal with the challenges and stress of the office, take the responsibility of managing the household and looking after everybody and the list goes on. Adding to this list is the responsibility of giving birth to a new life. The power of bringing a new life to the earth is something that only a superhuman can have and we at Pregamate strongly believe that every mother is a superwoman. But even a superwoman needs support, love, and care and that’s where we step in.

A healthy pregnancy should not be an option but a choice from the start of your pregnancy. Pregamate has come up with a unique solution of “Customize your Pregnancy” according to your needs and wants. Our team of experts tracks the symptoms and based on your feedback tries to achieve the best possible results. Our well-experienced team of gynecologists, counselors, yoga instructors, physiotherapists, and dieticians are ready to serve and take care of your health.

Our Mission and Vision

To educate expecting mothers about the importance of right antenatal care to empower them to make better decisions for themselves and their babies through easy access to essential services that a mother requires. The importance of antenatal care cannot be emphasized more and it is a must to avoid and tackle pregnancy and birth-related complications and to ensure a healthy pregnancy. It is our mission and vision to operate and create awareness at mass levels, the ease of accessibility to services, and be there to support every woman in times of their need during the 9 months and beyond. We want to leave a lasting impact in the maternal healthcare sector as well as on how people look at antenatal care. Whatever be the need, choose Pregamate indeed!

What do we have to offer?

Today, everyone is in search of striking a balance between the mind and the body and peace for the soul. According to research yoga is one tool to achieve both. During pregnancy when you have a heightened sense of everything, you feel disassociated with the changes in your body, and your mind is in a constant state of confusion, we come to your rescue with our live online daily yoga sessions where you can say bye-bye to your stress and anxiety for once and all.

The right nutrition in the right amount equals healthy pregnancy!

Antenatal care starts with nutrition. Correct nutrition in the right amount can lead to the better physical health of the mother and the baby. Pregamate helps you to track your food habits as you are always under the guidance of our experts. Our expert dietitians not only aim at providing you with a nutrient-rich diet but also a delicious one to satisfy your taste buds.

The first and best nutrition for the child is mother’s milk and science cannot find any substitute for this magic! However, for this magic to work its charm you need to know everything about it- its importance, the right way, the right time, and many other concerns. Breastfeeding can be difficult both emotionally and physically and thus you need somebody by your side to support and guide you throughout. Our lactation counselors work with you hand-in-hand, support you, and encourage you at every step to make your feeding journey beautiful just like the bond of a mother and the baby!   

Birthing is not only the job of a woman. Though a woman has to go through the pain and suffering on her own, a supportive and understanding partner can help and support a woman in various ways. Thus knowing birth education is important. This is to make you and your partner prepare for the most important step in your child’s birth. In this section of our services, we deal with all your fears before and after pregnancy. We address all your questions and queries through personalized interactive online sessions. You also get to have a community where you can interact with other parents who are on this same journey as yours.

Yes, it is rightly said that a gynecologist is your go-to guru for everything whether related to pregnancy or otherwise. Pregamate make sure to find you the best! We make sure you are always under the proper guidance so that you can deal with your pregnancy complications and provide you with the best solution.

It is rightly said that a mother’s womb is a child’s first classroom. It is believed and scientifically proven that you can instill good habits and values in your child from the womb itself. Positive thinking and a positive attitude go a long way in ensuring a healthy heart and a healthy mind for both the mother and the baby. It also helps develop an eternal bond between the mother and the baby. 

We at Pregamate have the best team of teachers to impart this knowledge through creative and peaceful exercises such as mantra chanting, music therapy, storytelling sessions, and a lot more.

What makes us different?

You can either do things the ‘easy way’ or the ‘right way’ and we choose the right way always. We believe in doing right by you and your baby so that you have a happy and positive experience of childbirth and motherhood. We work tirelessly to give the right antenatal care at the right time.  Motherhood is a complete 180-degree turn but we promise to persistently be by your side and give you a healthy and happy pregnancy and motherhood experience which is at the heart of our core values.

Thanks for stopping by at Pregamate. Happy to serve you!