Top 10 Health Benefits of Avocado in Maternal Diet


Health Benefits of Avacado in Maternal Diet

When you are pregnant, finding a fast and simple source of healthy snacks could be a good idea. Luckily Mother Nature has made this little too perfect fruit called Avocado. Read this post to learn about the top 10 health benefits of  Avocado in your maternal diet.

Also known as the oh-so pregnant fruit, Avocado has many health benefits. It is a super fruit packed with the goodness of dietary fiber, good fats, and folate.

They are delicious, versatile, and full of health benefits. They are bursting with healthy fats, as well as essential nutrients. 


10 Amazing Health Benefits of Avocado during pregnancy

Health Benefits of Avacado

They are full of healthy fats.


Consuming Fat is very important during pregnancy. Calories are necessary for the growth and development of the fetus. They also contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that are beneficial for pregnant women and the baby. Avocados are loaded with healthy fats called monosaturated fats. These fats help improve heart health, regulate blood sugar level and keep you full in between meals. They are also known to help improve sleep quality and ease the symptoms of pregnancy insomnia.


Aids Digestion.


Fiber is essential for healthy bowel movement. Adding fiber-rich food also reduces the risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. This health benefit of avocado makes it essential for it to be included in your diet.

The increase in the levels of progesterone slows down your bowel movement and this can help you counter that.


Treats Anemia.


The deficiency of iron is a common problem among pregnant women. A high level of iron content in the fruit is necessary to maintain healthy iron levels throughout the pregnancy.


Excellent source of folate


A lack of folate or folic acid can cause birth defects in the baby. For the proper growth and development of the fetus sufficient folic acid is required.


Combats morning sickness.


Morning sickness can be very exhausting, especially during the early months of your pregnancy. Avocados are full of vitamin C and vitamin B6 which can alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness. Higher vitamin C content also leads to better absorption of iron in your body.


Rich in antioxidants


Antioxidants are important to shield our bodies against possible cell damage. Avocados are rich in a particular type of antioxidant called carotenoid lutein. It aids in the eye development and brain function of the fetus.


This antioxidant is also found in breast milk. Therefore, eating avocados during and beyond your pregnancy can increase the level of antioxidants in your breast milk. This will help in the baby’s early growth and development.


Relieves leg cramps.


Leg cramps are very common during pregnancy. The potassium content of this fruit is even higher than bananas. Potassium together with calcium can help soothe cramping.


Boosts fetal brain development


A growing fetus needs fat to develop its brain in a healthy manner. And we all know that this fruit is a rich source of healthy fat. Plus the iron found in it is needed for proper neurological and red blood cell development.


Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes


The high fiber content of the fruit can have enormous health benefits. It reduces the risk of gestational diabetes.

Only half of the portion of the fruit contains 6-7 grams of fiber, which scientists have linked to a significantly lower risk of diabetes and its complications.


Helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.


It is a rich source of potassium and magnesium both of which are important for healthy blood pressure regulation. During pregnancy eating, plenty of potassium-rich food can reduce the risk of developing gestational hypertension.


Is it safe to consume Avocado during pregnancy?

Is it safe to have Avacado

Yes! Unless your doctor has advised you differently, it is absolutely safe to add them to your pregnancy diet.

They contain a high amount of nutrients that are required for sustaining a healthy pregnancy.

However, there is one caution that you must practice. As with all fresh fruits and vegetables, avocados carry the risk of food-borne illness. The most common bacteria found on them is Listeria Monocytogenes (referred to as Listeria ahead).

Listeria can be very serious for pregnant women. It can be passed to the fetus and can cause early labor, stillbirth, and miscarriage.

Although it is found on the skin of the fruit, cross-contamination can happen during preparation. Therefore it is very important that you rinse it thoroughly before consumption.

Prepared guacamole is another story. Some guacamole is prepared under ultra-high pressure and added lemon juice or vinegar.

This process completely kills the bacteria and is safe to consume for pregnant women. However, any product made of this fruit should be stored in the refrigerator to prevent bacterial growth.

Any guacamole or other product for that matter that has not been refrigerated properly should be completely avoided. In a nutshell, if washed and stored properly, avocado is perfectly safe to enjoy during pregnancy!


Is there a specific time to eat them?

Timings to have Avacado

  • There is no right or wrong time to eat avocado. The health benefits of avocado are many and you should definitely include it in your diet.

It contains many nutrients that are helpful throughout the different stages of pregnancy. Including it in your prenatal diet can help reduce the risk of deficiency-related birth defects. However, it is best to limit your daily intake to half a fruit as overconsumption could lead to a few, though rare, side effects.

 There are certain side effects of the fruit that you must be aware of for educational purposes. 


  • If you are trying to manage weight, avoid consuming the fruit in high quantities.


  • If you are allergic to latex then be cautious. This fruit has been linked to latex allergies.

It is always good to check with your health practitioner in case you have any doubts or experience some abnormalities.


Quick and easy ways to add this magic fruit to your maternal diet.

Quick and easy ways to have Avacado

Now that you know all about the wondrous ways in which this fruit can help you and your baby, it is time to weave this creamy fruit into your maternal diet. A few delicious ways to enjoy this fruit include:

  • Avocado on toast or with baked egg
  • Guacamole
  • Avocado smoothie
  • In soups
  • Avocado Hummus and chips


Ending Note

This creamy, velvety fruit is an excellent choice for pregnant people. Not only are they extremely nutritious but also filling and versatile. The Health benefits of avocado will prove to be excellent for you and your baby and it must be added to your diet. So what are you waiting for? Go get some ripe avocados from the store today and experiment with some new and delectable recipes!

Not just Avacado even having Saffron is tremendously beneficial, check out Benefits of Saffron during Pregnancy.


Have a happy, healthy, and safe pregnancy!

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