Top 10 Effective Tips to Lose Pregnancy Weight


Tips to lose Pregnancy Weight

Now that you have had your share of victory of going through labor and delivery, you must be already thinking of other worries. In this article, we will go through the top 10 effective tips to lose pregnancy weight

You must be thinking of how to get rid of that extra ‘weight of goodness’ that you have gained during pregnancy.

But give yourselves a break and chill! You are not going to lose that extra pregnancy weight overnight. It will take some time and you will have to be patient.

Learn to love yourself for who you are. Giving birth is not an easy job but you have done it. You will also get back in shape. Have faith in you!

This will help you achieve a healthy postpartum weight so you can enjoy your journey of parenthood with confidence!


Tips to lose pregnancy weight

List of tips to lose pregnancy weight

  • Keep realistic goals-

There is no magic potion for getting rid of that extra weight instantly. Don’t get trapped in hoaxes of magazines and advice that claim to size you down just like that! Losing weight takes time. For some women, it might take a year and for some others, it might take 6 months. The time period will depend on how much weight you have gained during pregnancy and what was your weight before getting pregnant.

The key is to stay regular and consistent. Set small targets that you can achieve while maintaining mental sanity. Do not push yourself beyond your capacity. Take baby steps!


  • Keep a healthy and well-balanced diet-

Going on a crash diet is not a good idea. The weight that you lose gradually is usually gone for good and does not come back.

Getting calories from healthy food is recommended. A calorie deficit in new moms can affect the quality and quantity of milk supply.

You should focus on taking small meals at short intervals. Try controlling your portion of everything. Include healthy snacks like yogurt, dry fruits, and fruits to fulfill your hunger pangs.


  • Tag your partner along-

It is always difficult to stay motivated towards your goal alone. A partner by your side can push you to achieve your targets.

Discuss your goals with your partner and try having similar goals. Plan identical diets to keep each other motivated.

Exercising becomes fun with a partner by your side. Your bond will get stronger and you will enjoy everything that you do with them.


  • Healthy Meals-

Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Some food items to include in your meal are:


  • Low-fat dairy products like Greek yogurt, soy milk, almond milk, buttermilk, toned cow milk, tofu, and hard cheese like mozzarella, cheddar and Swiss varieties.
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Eggs with only the white part that has protein content.
  • Beans and Legumes
  • Brown Rice
  • Pulses
  • Fruits
  • Nuts and seeds 
  • All green vegetables


  • Control your craving-

This is the most challenging part. Isn’t it? But you don’t need to entirely shut down your cravings. You just need to shift to healthier alternatives to satisfy your cravings.

Avoid foods with artificial sugar, processed and fried foods like chips, biscuits, candies, etc. shift towards whole wheat pasta and noodles, rice puffs, corn chips, plain popcorns, berry mix, and other healthy snacks available in the market.

I am sure you will not have a hard time finding them because the supermarkets have a wide range of them.


  • Drink plenty of water-

Water helps in making you feel full and stops you from munching extra junk. Water will also keep you hydrated and improve your metabolism.

New moms should have plenty of water as their bodies will need that extra water to produce breast milk.

Drinking 2-3 liters a day is a good place to start from. But also take note of the color of your urine. If you are well hydrated the color of your urine will be light yellow and you will need to urinate every 2-3 hours.


  • Sound sleep is a must-

Looking after the in the middle of the night and feeding them can be exhausting for a mother. To help your body recover from the exhaustion of labor, delivery, and newborn nursing, you need to get enough sleep.

Getting proper sleep is important for energizing you for the rest of your day. Having a sound sleep at a stretch becomes difficult with a newborn. Try napping when the baby is asleep. Take help from friends and family whenever possible.


Research shows that women who get less than 7 hours of sleep are more likely to retain that pregnancy weight for a longer duration.

This happens because when you are sleep-deprived your body releases certain hormones to keep your body moving. These hormones slow down metabolism and make you crave unhealthy sugar-loaded food.


  • Start exercising-

You don’t need to rush into working out as soon as you are out of that hospital bed. Working out too soon might lead to injuries.

Consult your gynecologist before starting your fitness regime. Take things slowly. Begin with some walking and light aerobics. With time you can expand your regime to include activities like swimming and cycling.

Consult your doctor before doing workouts like weight lifting, powerlifting, athletics, and other high-impact exercises. Post-natal yoga is a must-try.

It can help improve balance and posture. It also increases flexibility and is very good for peace of mind. It relieves stress and anxiety.


  • Have a fun time with your baby

Include your baby in your workout routines wherever possible. This will give you a boost of energy.

It will help you bond better with your little one and it will be easy for you to find time to exercise. Try taking long walks in the park with your baby in the stroller.

You can also take your babies to swimming classes when they are at least six months old. Babies are known to be natural swimmers! You can also piggyback your baby and go cycling.


  • Don’t forget your Kegels-

It is a very important exercise that all moms should do during and after their pregnancy.

New moms experience pelvic floor weakness post delivery and doing Kegels is a great way to strengthen your pelvic muscles.

It will also help in your weight loss journey.


Know when to ask for help

Consult Doctors to lose pregnancy weight

If you have introduced all the healthy changes in your lifestyle and are still not able to reduce your pregnancy weight, it might be the time to seek professional help. A doctor and dietitian will help you devise a better plan and give you better-suited tips to lose pregnancy weight for your body. Your doctor might also check you for certain hormonal abnormalities that might be stopping you from losing your gains.

Does breastfeeding help you lose weight?

mother breastfeeding her child, Does breastfeeding helps to lose pregnancy weight

Breastfeeding definitely helps you reduce your body mass. In order to produce milk, your body spends around 300-500 extra calories each day.

Your healthy diet will help you manage your energy expenditure and at the same time help you create a calorie deficit that will reduce your weight.

Breastfeeding also releases hormones that will help you shrink your post-baby uterus which can flatten your belly faster.

Not just the fear, stress, and anxiety a pregnant woman has to bear a lot of mood swings during pregnancy, check out our article to know effective ways to cope with mood swings.

Key Takeaway

The most important thing on this journey is to not compare yourself with others. Don’t be discouraged by magazines and social media posts that show celebrity moms getting back in shape in just a few weeks.

Do what is best for your body and your baby and everything will fall in line. Losing your pregnancy weight might be challenging but following these top 10 effective tips to lose pregnancy weight can help you get in shape faster.

In the end, just listen to your body, eat healthily, rest, and exercise regularly for a better and fitter you!

Have a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy!

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