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First Trimester

Journey to motherhood just started

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Prepare to fall in love for lifetime

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Relax and unite with your mind in between the tensed environment of Pregnancy 


Act now on your New Year resolutions of a fit body with proper nutrition

Birth Education

Worried about what steps to take next after conceiving? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to take care of her child 

Garbh Sanskar

Want to instill good habits in your child? Garbh Sanskar lessons to educate your child from the mother’s womb.

Psychology Consultation

Feeling a mental turmoil building during pregnancy? Vent out and get yourself examined

Lactation Consultation

Stop worrying about feeding your child while working and take expert advice

View pregnancy through a remarkable new lens

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What Our Patient say

Muskan Yadav

Pregamate Pregnancy package helped me throughout my pregnancy. The experts customised plans according to me.

Jaya Bhist

Yoga sessions helped me lose weight during quarantine and helped me stay healthy. It helped my stay sane during the quarantine.

Ritika Tiwari

I did not feel I was on a diet, but I also lost weight. The dieticians made plans according to my interest and hence it was fun dieting.

Madhu Nirwan

I was feeling anxious and stressed during the quarantine. The mental counselling at Pregmate helped me reduce my stress and find ways to cope up with it.

Geeta Awasthi

I was not able to conceive since one and a half year. When I visited Pregamate I wasn’t sure at first, but the experts helped me conceive again.

Komal Maheshwari

Listening to all the news on internet, I got too confused. But Pregamate’s birth education classes helped me in knowing what is right and what is wrong.

Shalu Verma

I was not sure that Grabh Sanskar was really a thing. But the scientific approach to it helped me learn and teach better to my unborn child.

Prachi Gautam

I am a young and only parent and with classes on lactation counselling, I got to know better ways to feed my child.

Akansha Shishodhia

I had irregular menstrual cycles and I tested for PCOD. The experts helped me get back my menstrual cycle on regular and gave me tips for future.

Fathima Shidiqqi

I was suffering from high diabetes, but my diabetes is now under control with Pregamate’s help.

Seema Gupta

I was on medication since 8 months but there was no change. Then I joined Pregamate and I can already see good changes in my body.

Geeta Tayal

My back was in pain in between my pregnancy period. Physiotherapy sessions helped me cure this without any complications.

What Doctor Say About Us

“Women who don’t receive regular antenatal care are three times more likely to give birth to a low-weight child. And five times more likely to have pregnancy complications like high Blood pressure and diabetes.” 

Empowering women by passing knowledge in a relatable and simple manner helps to improve physician patient relationships and patient outcomes. Receiving good antenatal care helps prepare the mother for the baby’s birth and gives them confidence and inflammation to look after the baby. This care helps you stay healthy during pregnancy and make a birth plan considering arrangements for labor and birth. 

The internet and the excess advice makes it difficult to trust one news.  Pregamate shares with you insights and tips around pregnancy, birth, female health care and more. At Pregamate, you can get expert support just from the click of a finger and from the comfort of your home.

  • Dr. Shachi Joshi

(Obstetrician-Gynecologist From Dubai)

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