One of the early signs to notice is that urination will be frequently. This may happen from time to time depending on the body.

Another sign that comes with early pregnancy, especially between 1 week or 2 weeks pregnant is that there is a possibility that the breasts will become extra tender. The reason for this is because, at that stage, more estrogen and progesterone are produced in the early stage of pregnancy so that the glands that are in the breasts will begin to grow. By implication, the breasts will get more fluid and also become heavier than normal. Apart from that unusually sensitive to smell also occurs in week 2 of pregnancy. While other body changes during pregnancy like a change in hair texture are different for different women.

The beginning of the second week is when the body produces the Follicle Simulating Hormone, a hormone which is responsible for helping the dominant follicle mature and rupture. A ruptured follicle is called the corpus luteum, and it produces progesterone and oestrogen. These are also called pregnancy hormones are not only responsible for sustaining the pregnancy, but are also the cause of the symptoms.