During the first week of pregnancy, the egg moves from the ovary and travels through the fallopian tube. So, the baby does not show any significant growth in the first week. In the first week, the doctor calculates the first day of the last monthly menstrual cycle and it is from this day that the nine month or 40 weeks pregnancy term is calculated.

There is no major development in the baby during the first week. During this week the baby is called the blastocyte. The blastocyte is divided into two parts, the external part of which will become the placenta and the inner part will become the embryo during the 2nd week of the pregnancy. In cases, where more than one egg gets fertilized, multiple zygotes are formed. These zygotes carry 46 chromosomes from both the parents and these chromosomes determine the baby’s sex and other physical features.

Pregnancy symptoms usually differ from woman to woman. Some common symptoms that you may come across in the first week of pregnancy are:

During the 1st week of pregnancy, vaginal bleeding is observed as the body sheds the uterine lining which discards last month’s fertilized eggs.

  • Lower back pain and cramps.
  • Belly will bloat right before and during your period.
  • Feeling exhausted sooner than usual.
  • Gastric and constipation.
  • Breasts will feel tender and hurt when pressed.
  • Changing hormones will make moody and irritable.