The most noticeable change in this twenty-second week is going to be weight gain. As the baby grows and the waistline expands, one can expect to gain close to a pound per week. If one weighed fifteen pounds more than at the start of the pregnancy last week and have stayed on a healthy, well-balanced diet, chances are gaining about a pound. Unfortunately, some women’s pregnancy symptoms will not have ceased and will not cease throughout the pregnancy. For most others, however, they have pretty much disappeared. Vaginal discharge is common for all women at this stage, and is due to the increase in blood flow. One will probably able to feel the baby’s movements more frequently at this point.

The baby may be able to hear sounds faintly from inside the mother’s body, such as breathing, heartbeat, and digestion. These sounds will grow louder as the baby’s hearing improves. The baby is about the size of a spaghetti squash, length is 11 inches and weighs 15 ounces.

Acne, stretch marks are the common symptoms seen in this week.