By the time of 6 weeks pregnant, all the hormones in the body would have taken their full place for the changes to take place. At this time, the feelings of an early pregnancy symptoms like the morning sickness or nausea and so on would be fully felt. By implication, there is a full assurance that one is pregnant. In fact, every test carried out will end up positive.

On the part of the development of the baby, the baby would already be having tiny openings that are expected to turn to a mouth and nostrils just in a few weeks away from now. The formation of the eye balls will also be gradually taking shape as well as some two folds at both sides of the baby’s head which will end up as the ears. Talking about the size of the baby, it should be between 4 and 7mm long or about 25 inches. But then, in another week, the baby is expected to double that size. As the baby continues to grow, the feeling the pregnancy symptoms will also increase. Some of which include becoming drained up which is due to the fact that the body is still trying to adapt to the changes taking place within oneself.

Also, one is likely to have a sore breast, it is because the journey to breastfeeding the baby is gradually taking place. And within the body, the muscles in the stomach will gradually be relaxing so as to ensure there is room for the growing bump. As a result of this, there is the chance that one is likely to experience heartburns frequently. But, by carefully watching and slowing down what one is eating, the symptoms can be reduced.

It is possible to have discharges in the vagina.