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Pregamate Pregnancy Package

The Package includes:-

5 days Live Yoga sessions Every Week with Flexible Time, Morning and Evening Batch (if you miss your batch, you can attend the other batch of the day, the focus is to help you keep healthy during pregnancy instead of restricting you with time)

Pregnancy Workshop – ( Every 15 days, like Garbh Sanskar, Child Birth Education, psychologist, Gynecologist, Nutrition)

Access to Pregamate App* (Know your baby’s weekly development and changes your body goes through during this pregnancy period, tests to be conducted,  nutritional and delicious pregnancy cushine, Raags for your baby’s brain development, Meditation, Puzzles, Positive Thoughts, Affirmation, Talk to Baby)

Pregnancy Tool ( Document your pregnancy journal, Track your pregnancy weight, Track your baby’s movement, set reminder and prepare your delivery bag before going to hospital,  from pregnancy dress to pregnancy pillow shop all the items needed during this journey

*Only android is available, iOS version will be launched soon