Dr. Vaidehi

Yoga Expert

Dr. Vaidehi is a dentist by profession and a certified prenatal and face yoga expert. She is also a mother to a 2 year old and believes that prenatal yoga is an important step towards the journey of having a healthy pregnancy. She aspires to create awareness about prenatal yoga among all the new moms. She offers live online yoga sessions which are well planned according to the trimesters and health conditions of every individual. Dr. Vaidehi has many achievements to her name. She has won many beauty pageants such as Mrs. Glamour of India, Mrs. Maharashtra, and India’s ideal women achiever award in fitness and glamour category. She has also been a keynote speaker for national level webinar and many of her articles on yoga have been published in leaves of knowledge and yogsugandya book.

Dr. Vaidehi is of the view that pregnancy is a beautiful journey and having the right team beside you can make it even more beautiful. She believes in providing this support and motivation to every woman on her journey to motherhood.