Dr. Summaiya

Child Birth educator

Dr.Summaiya Khan is a registered physiotherapist, certified dry needling practitioner, certified lactation counselor, certified childbirth educator, and most importantly a mother. She is currently working as a childbirth educator in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Her professional experience back when she was serving in India has been exceptional. Dr. Khan worked in various esteemed organizations like Medanta- The Medicity, St. Stephen hospital, G.B Pant hospital, and Jamia Milia Islamia.

As a childbirth educator, she helps expectant parents by imparting knowledge that is comprehensive and unbiased and helps them to get rid of their fears and replace them with confidence, trust, and empowerment so that they can prepare better for pregnancy, labor, and birth and postpartum. She believes that expectant parents are fully capable of making their own decisions if they are provided with the right knowledge that is evidence-based and not fear-based.