Your Complete Guide To Pregnancy Care

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“It’s not a course but a support that every woman would need during their pregnancy journey to help you navigate through all the steps of pregnancy and become a super-mom.” ~Geeta

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Trimester wise live Yoga sessions every day


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from experts like birth educator, nutritionlist, gynecologist etc.


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An action packed care filled with live sessions, workshops, recreational activities and support that will help you launch adopt a healthy pregnancy not just for you but the special one to come. Trust me it works! ~Priyanka

Why Take Pregnancy Care Support

Your womb is the first learning place for your child. Not just physical, but your mental and emotional well-being also impacts the development of your baby

Giving birth is hard, beautiful and increadible but also most vulnerable. Creating a safe space is the key to having a healthy pregnancy

 Choose your birthing team wisely
You delivering a baby is not decided by the fact that you take pregnancy care support or not, however this complete care and support will make you healthy and confident and descrease the probability of complications in your pregnancy.

Experts Support on This Journey to Motherhood

Yoga Experts

With Yoga, you can maintain a balance between a healthy mind and body, as it focuses on different poses specialty designed for pregnant women, in order to develop and increase strength and flexibility. It also helps to develop a proper breathing and relaxation techniques for a comfortable and easy labor.


Pregnancy is always associated with changes in psychological functioning of pregnant women such as frequent mood changes, varying from anxiety, fatigue, exhaustion, sleepiness and what not. Experts believe that therapy can be an effective way to help monitor a woman’s mental health, note shifts in her mood and anxiety, and ensure that she gets additional support as needed both during pregnancy and after delivery.


It is observed that diets of women are more or less essentially similar during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and lactating periods. As a result, there is widespread maternal malnutrition leading to high chances of tow birth weight infants and very high maternal mortality. Additional foods are required to improve weight gain in pregnancy (10-12 Kg) and birth weight of infants (about 3 Kg). It is hence important to ensure not only to eat right amount of food in terms of quantity but also in terms of nutritional value because after birth it’s the mother who has to work really hard to loose those extra pounds.


Your best friend during this journey to motherhood who would be there with you from start to end. A guidance and regular visit to gynecologist can help reduce the chances of complications during pregnancy by 3 times.

 Garbh Sanskar

Your womb is the first class for your growing baby. Whatever you do physically, or mentally will be taken up by your baby. There have been researches which proves that Garbh Sanskar can be an effective way to not only bond well with the baby but also for its positive growth and development.

 Child Birth Educator

Prenatal  education is an important component of supporting healthy pregnancies. This promotes the maintenance of healthy lifestyles during pregnancy, helping expectant mothers manage stress, support a healthy diet, avoid harmful chemicals and situations, recognize warning signs and symptoms that mean something may be wrong with their pregnancy, and prepare them towards a normal labor and delivery.

Lacatation counsellor

Breastfeeding is healthy for moms and babies — but a lot more challenging than many women expect. That’s one of the reasons why many women give up on breastfeeding in the first month itself. Breastfeeding is exclusively recommended for the first six months, and continuing to breastfeed for at least the first year and as long as is beneficial.

  Recreational expert

It’s a we’ll know fact and have been proven time and again by multiple research that physical activities reduces the risk of developing birth related complications during pregnancy. However, having fund during those activities is also paramount. This would not only help you have a better bond with your baby but also with your husband.

[7 days Money-Back guarantee]

Know Your Platform

Pregamate is a one-stop maternity care platform which aims to improve the quality of life and avoid possible complications during pregnancy, by helping you adopt a healthy lifestyle and experiencing the real joy of motherhood.

Everyone wants to hold a baby, we are here to hold the mommy and deliver a smile on her face with a vision to genuinely help all pregnant females and not focus on money making.

It’s the first time in India that you’ll find a platform like Pregamate which caters to all the needs of a pregnant lady at a throw-away price. We at Pregamate believe that “quality care and uncomplicated pregnancy is a right of every mother-to-be.”

“The Complete Guide to Pregnancy Care is 10 years experience condensed into a comprehensive 9 months caring and support”

[7 days Money-Back guarantee]

Who Should Register

All pregnant female irrespective of the month/stage of pregnancy you are in
Someone who wants to enjoy this journey to motherhood instead of worrying for 9 months
Someone who wants to make new friends and join the community of pregnant females like themselves
Someone willing to adopt a healthy pregnancy physically, mentally, socially, not just for herself but for her baby too

What Will You Get

Community Support

You'll make lot of new friends, some going throug the same phase as you and some who have crossed that phase.

Experts Interaction

Interactive with range of experts such as Gynecologists, Nutritionists, Birth Educators, Lactation Counsellors, Psychologists, Yoga Therapists, etc. all there for your support when you need it the most.

Pamper Yourself

Fortnightly recreational activity because We understand how important it is to take care and pamper yourself from time to time and that's how you'll be able to take care of your baby growing within you.


Recreate your bond with your husband with our Couple yoga day and feel the essence of your baby even before theri birth
Neha Yadav

Pregamate Pregnancy package helped me throughout my pregnancy. The experts customised plans according to me.

Ritika Tiwari

All my worries, stress and wrong information was removed by the experts at Pregamate. I had completely normal delivery because of the yoga sessions.

Nikita Verma

All my worries, stress and wrong information was removed by the experts at Pregamate. I had completely normal delivery because of the yoga sessions.

Geeta Awasthi

I am a young mother and I didn’t know what to do during my pregnancy. The sessions taught me better things for a healthy baby.

Priyanka Garg

Listening to all the news on internet, I got too confused. But Pregamate’s birth education classes helped me in knowing what is right and what is wrong.

Aarti Verma

After taking birth education classes, I feel I am ready to deliver a healthy baby. Thank you Pregamate for being so polite.

Shalu Verma

I was not sure that Grabh Sanskar was really a thing. But the scientific approach to it helped me learn and teach better to my unborn child.

Richa Pathak

I am so happy I took this class. It helped me teach some beneficial things and stories to my new born.

Akansha Shishodhia

I am so happy I took this class. It helped me teach some beneficial things and stories to my new born.

Divyanka Mishra

am a young and only parent and with classes on lactation counselling, I got to know better ways to feed my child.

Manshi Choudhary

I was not able to feed my child properly. The experts at Pregamate helped me correct motion and give a better feed.

Shivani Garg

Mother’s milk is precious and with pregamate I learnt how to give correct nutrition to my child.

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If at all you are unhappy with the care provided to you, you can cancel anytime within 7 days of purchase and get a full refund.

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[7 days Money-Back guarantee]

Frequently Asked Questions

     How will I get access?

Once you make the payment and uplaod a screenshot of the same, you’ll get a call from one of Patient Care Manager, who’ll ask for your reports and other pregnancy details and will guide guide you for sessions as per the conditions

    How long will it take to get the support?

Support them The Complete Guide to Pregnancy care will be provided to you till the time you hold that special on in your arms.

    I made a payment but didn’t receive a call?

Drop us an email on &  a patient care manager will definitely help you with your concern

   How will I attend the live sessions?

Your patient care manager will add you to a community group where links will be shared with you for all your live sessions

   What happens if I miss the live sessions? will I get any recording?

Pregnancy is a very delicate journey so we want you to practice under supervision only hence, No recording will be provided for the missed session however, the live sessions are conducted everyday, so missing some of the sessions would not impact your pregnancy.

   How Can I cancel my purchase if I don’t like it? Wil I get a refund?

Yes! you can cancel the care provided to you within 7 days of purchase if you don’t like it, You are delivering a baby and we want to deliver a smile. we would never want money from a dissatisfied mother you can email us on & we’ll cancel and refund your money within hours. 

[7 days Money-Back guarantee]